Chris Matty Has Excellent Business Development and Revenue Generation Skills

Chris Matty is a successful entrepreneur who has started many companies. He has been involved in 14 start-ups such as BigTip, Depotpoint, Payscale, Smartworks, etc. Versium is a data technology company with which he is working since 2012. He has good knowledge of different revenue generation and business growth strategies. He is an expert in product management, strategic planning, business development, competitive analysis, negotiation, executive management, marketing communications, etc.

Chris worked with DepotPoint from 2006 till 2009. Serving as the Chief Marketing Officer & Vice President Business Development, he successfully led strategic partnerships and account business development activities with industry’s top executives. He was also involved in the company’s business development and corporate marketing operations. At DepotPoint, Chris Matty established a sales and marketing team, and led contract negotiations with customers & data and service suppliers.

About Chris Matty

Chris Matty is an expert at operating corporate value through implementation and execution of strategies leading to the growth of business and increment in revenue. He commenced his career as a Technical Marketing Representative with Sundstrand Aerospace Corporation where he served for more than 3 years. In 1994, he became an International Program Manager at AT&T Wireless/Claircom/McCaw where he served for two years. He held a responsibility for a $25 million operational budget and helped in managing the business throughout the European markets. In 1996, he joined Infospace as an Executive Vice President GM, Merchant Services Business Unit. Due to his great performance, the unit generated annual revenues in excess of $50 million (35% of the company’s revenue at the time). He was responsible for cross functional business operation and P&L. Later in 2004, he was appointed as the VP Sales & Business Development at PayScale, Inc.