Surrey ICBC Lawyers

Many of you might already know that Steve Kooner Law Corporation is a reputable law firm that has its base set in Surrey, BC Canada for more than a decade. That is Surrey ICBC Lawyers are us.

Injured in car accidents is always as tedious and trouble as it sounds. The good news is the insurance company, ICBC in BC, will cover most of the accident-related costs such as treatments for your injuries, damages to your vehicles or loss to your income due to you not be able to work.

However, it is always a wise choice to get a second opinion from an independent lawyer to discuss whether the compensation you are offering from your ICBC adjuster is fair enough.

Legal Fees

A common question everybody is asking is what about legal fees? Again, good news is that most of us practicing ICBC Claims and Personal Injury legal service do not charge a fee at all, not until we settle our clients’ cases. That is, once you (represented by us) reach a settlement with ICBC insurance adjuster, we will get a portion (usually not more than 25%) of your compensation as our legal fee.

This is the reason why most people who have experienced injuries in car accidents look for a reputable law firm to represent them.

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Steve Kooner in Your Corner

Want to learn more about the process, or us, or Steve? Check us out at our educative video series Steve Kooner in Your Corner, also available in “Facebook form” for your own taste :)

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