I’m going to vote for Trump because I think the evidence — too numerous to exhaustively list here —…
Micah Kirkpatrick

Ah, yes, “ too numerous to exhaustively list here” —the refuge of those that are either to embarrassed to try to, or unable to, back up their own claim. Sorry, I don’t buy it; if you’d included one or two pieces of proof, I’d respect that a bit, but empty of facts … sorry, it’s specious.

I don’t doubt Mr. Trump would change our foreign policy; in fact, I’m sure he would. Change isn’t always good. As others have said, changing from gasoline to sand wouldn’t be a very good choice for your car. Mr. Trump’s foreign policy would be capricious and uncoordinated, based on the thing that’s caught his attention at the moment. That’s pretty much the opposite of what we need.

Tell me, after his meetings with those ancient dinosaurs of foreign policy, what changed in his statements about foreign policy? I’ll give you the answer — nothing. Those meetings were merely window dressing, an attempt to fool people into thinking he’s serious. Seems like it worked on you.

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