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ChaosIntended, great points on door opening. The problem is that it’s very hard, as an individual, to understand the motivations behind our actions. I’m quite certain that John thinks he has never, ever opened the door in any way that is diminishing to a woman. I am also quite certain that he’s wrong. We all treat others poorly sometimes.

John, you wrote,

This ‘problem’ for me is nothing more than a small minority of men and women that cannot see good intent for what it is — more their loss than mine.

That is such a small number of people as to not be worth even thinking about. Let’s talk about real people and real situations, like those ChaosInteded wrote about, instead of imaginary stuff, shall we?

But then you write,

I open doors because it is a considerate thing to do to anyone. I have no time for idiots that have nothing better to do than analyze such common decency to try to illustrate their theory that I am a member of the evil patriarchy.

And that’s where we have to disagree. You are making a judgment that anytime anyone doesn’t appreciate your action, they are judging you as a member of an evil patriarchy because the person has been indoctrinated. That’s false. That’s your projection of what’s happening. You are, apparently, unwilling to look at your own actions and think about why someone might find it discourteous. Why is that? Why do you think you understand what everyone else is thinking? Why must it be their fault? Why is their response wrong, and not just wrong, but so wrong that it must be from indoctrination?

You later wrote,

Feminism, once you see beyond its ‘equality’ BS, is diminishing to about half the population.

I guess that’s the answer to my question. You’ve created your own idea what feminism is, and then you’ve decided it’s stupid. Thus, any time a woman reacts to you in a way that you think is unfair, it’s because she’s been indoctrinated into your imaginary feminism doctrine. Next time, step back and talk to, or think about, the individual, not this imaginary feminism doctrine you’ve created.

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