About Trump vs Clinton, they are both for the same thing: a Conservative-Liberal/Liberal…
EN Heim

Conservatism is a political idea that favors no change; if change must happen, it should happen slowly and it should be based on what’s worked in the past.

Liberalism is a political ideology that promotes liberty and equality.

Neither Clinton nor Trump are focused on a conservative-liberal or liberal-conservative agenda. Mr. Trump does not have a coherent political ideology, and Ms. Clinton’s policies are centrist, with some ideas leaning left and some leaning right. She is fairly conservative, but while she is focused on equality, she’s quite willing to sacrifice liberty for her other political ideals, so she’s not very liberal.

When you talk about the “preservation of life” I assume you are talking about abortion. Ensuring legal abortion is protecting a woman’s right to her own health care choices, it’s not about “interference”.

Health care costs haven’t sky rocketed due to health insurance or lawsuits. It has sky rocketed because we want better and better health care; we’ve gotten to the point where people are actually willing to say it’s worth $1M to keep a person alive for a month. Is it? Good question. We are too scared to have those discussions in our country, though.

I totally agree with your take on taxes; simplifying them would be a huge benefit and most of us would pay less. I also agree with your take on regulation. There’s a place for regulation.

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