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First, let’s continue to clarify terms. Conservatism is the opposite of extremism. Liberalism is the opposite of totalitarianism. Right wing and left wing are better terms for what most people in the US call conservative and liberal.

The border has never been more secure than it is now, and laws related to those in the country without proper documentation have never been enforced more strongly than they are now. Wanting to do more is an extremist position, not conservative.

A city choosing not to spend its own money enforcing federal immigration laws, what you call a “sanctuary city”, is not defiance of federal laws. Trying to force a city to enforce federal immigration laws is an extremist position, not conservative.

Roe v. Wade has been the deciding ruling for over 40 years now. Advocating to roll that back is an extremist position, not conservative.

I can’t comment on what you mean by “honoring” the second amendment without specifics. I think the slow changing of our laws in an attempt to decrease violence associated with gun use is conservative. Clearly something needs to be done; making slow changes is conservative.

Yes, removing the health care insurance mandate is conservative. So, there’s one.

Lowering or raising taxes is not conservative; making a large change to the way we regulate business taxes, especially for overseas profits, is extremist.

Trade agreements aren’t conservative or extremist. The reason manufacturing jobs are important is they are high quality jobs due to organized labor forcing businesses to pay well and to provide good benefits. Right wing policies have done everything they can do to roll those back, including putting in place free-loader (what some people incorrectly call “right to work”) laws. Factually, NAFTA is not responsible for the loss of those jobs. Right wing policies favor trade agreements while left wing policies favor protecting workers.

Our military isn’t laughed at; the fact that you think it is astounds me. I have no idea what you mean when you write about social experimentation. If you’ll clarify I’ll respond.

Ms. Clinton is conservative in many ways. The vast majority of her policy proposals are in keeping with the policies we are following now, which makes them conservative.

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