I stand by my position that there is ample evidence of a cover up.
Trent Lapinski

I stand by my position that there is ample evidence of a cover up.

I’m not surprised at all. I’d be surprised if you didn’t stand by it. It’s very clear that you have had, for some time, a belief that Ms. Clinton is corrupt and her use of a private email system is proof of it. When specialists in the area found no proof of a crime, that result didn’t match your beliefs. As is common for all humans, you clung to your belief rather than accept the facts that were presented to you. That meant you had to create this elaborate idea of a cover up, or something similar, so that you could harmonize the facts and your beliefs.

There is no evidence she committed a crime. There is no evidence of a cover up. There is no proof that President Obama suborned the FBI.

What there is is your desperate attempt to create a world where your beliefs are true. You look at everything with an eye of using it to prove your beliefs, rather than looking at what it actually is.

You asked me what my intention is in responding to you; I guess I hoped you might be able to see how your beliefs have blinded you, but I should have known better. People don’t often change their beliefs because of logical discussion.

I understand that you believe that we are being lied to, and that belief makes you suffer. I feel for you. That’s a crappy place to be. I hope you are able to move past it at some point.

You end by asking me what I’m going to do about it. I’m probably not going to do anything more than I already have. I’ve already contacted my government representatives to ask them to properly fund departments so they can all have automatic email retention. The policy that allowed Ms. Clinton to use a private email server has already been changed. The State Department has started automatically archiving the Secretary’s emails. I’m not sure there’s anything left for me to do.

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