Not Your Uncle’s Language Class

Episode 31 of the America the Bilingual podcast

My Spanish test, in the new way of teaching languages

What older generations may remember from their language classes — drills of verb conjugations, constant corrections of grammar and sentence structure — is not what they’ll find in many global-language classes today.

What we’ll hear in “Not Your Uncle’s Language Class,” Episode 31 of the America the Bilingual podcast, may shock many of us old-schoolers:

Global-language teachers are no longer looking for perfection from their students!

So just how are students now learning the language — and is it better not to be perfect?

In this episode, hear nine global-language educators discuss why it’s no longer your uncle’s language class.

And hear how one old-schooler — namely, me — went back to language class in 2015 and experienced much of what the educators I interviewed are describing. I also now know what Reggaeton is (sort of).

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