North Central California: Inches of rain, more on the way, nothing flooding. Good.

This RadarScope Mac app image shows Storm Total Rainfall for the Oroville, California area, where the last thing they need is more rain. 6+ inches has been estimated by radar to have fallen at the time of this post. Much of this precip fell in the upstream drainage basin of Lake Oroville. There is no immediate threat to Oroville Dam.

Storm Total Surface Rainfall is an estimate of accumulated rainfall since the last time there was a one-hour, or more, break in precipitation. It’s used to locate flood potential over urban or rural areas, estimate total basin runoff, and provide rainfall accumulations for the duration of an event. STP is available only for short range (out to 124 nm). To determine accumulated precipitation at greater distances, viewing an adjacent radar sometimes helps, depending on geographic area.

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