I Messed Up Again

Hi Internet friends,

I didn’t post yesterday’s post till just now.

I used to get really nervous, sad, and guilty when moments like this happened during year long projects. I think making 3 videos a day numbed me to that feeling, but I’m still not exactly happy about it.

Today I’m aiming to queue video and text posts through 10 days from now.

My queue is a coping mechanism. It helps me batch the technicalities and leave room in my life for spontaneity and freedom. If I need to be offline for a week but still publishing every day, I can do that.

That’s kind of a miracle.

How are you treating yourself kindly today? How can you be a loving best friend to yourself and make your own life easier? Look for those opportunities, because your health, wellbeing, and happiness are important parts of your big goals 😃

Happy Friday the 13th 😃


Originally published at mora.co on January 13, 2017.