“Just The Way Things Are”

There are no such things as “entrenched” systems.

There is no status quo. “The Way Things Are” is a decision people make anew every day.

This twitter post got me thinking about how infuriating the world we choose to make each day can be: https://twitter.com/samswey/status/865602050209357825

Every day all 7 billion of us wake up, and we choose what sort of day we’re going to lead.

The systems we’ve designed don’t have to work the way they do even one day longer unless we make them.

If we all decided to stop tomorrow morning, none of the systems of oppression would exist. None of the unfair biases are there on their own.

Our problems (especially civil rights problems) are not “the way things are” — they are not “entrenched systems” — they are not “systemic bias” — they are real, human decisions that each of us make intentionally every day. Because we haven’t imagined better alternatives. Because we haven’t taken the time to think deeply about the problem, to consider experiences other than our own.

You know what causes people to make new decisions? New information. New incentives.

If only there was a way to deliver information and incentives all over the world instantly.

Oh wait.


Fox News and CNN.

We can get the news of Trump’s latest misgiving to most of the world in a matter of minutes, we could do the same with the news of injustice. But we choose not to. Not yet.

But we will. Because we can. Because we must. And things will begin to change. But it has to start with me. With you.

With the decisions we make today, and each day.

The world can change overnight. Don’t let anyone tell you justice has to move slowly. Justice moves as fast as we can demand it together.

The world can change overnight. It has before. It will again.