On hitting that “POST” button.

This absurdly gorgeous picture of a winter sunset from 100M in the air is something I made last week and never posted.

I recently spent an entire day playing around in XCode and writing a beautiful post about the process of trying to make an app in a day.

Then, instead of publishing it, I asked 3 people to read it, asked them “Should I publish this draft?” (to which they all said yes), an then proceeded to ignore them for two days.

I didn’t really realize I did this. The process of talking yourself down from putting work you’ve made out into the world is quiet and it kills your creativity slowly.

When you don’t publish, you make it harder to move on to the next project or piece. It’s too easy to sit and wait and think “It’ll come together eventually.”

The worst part is I knew all this conceptually. I’ve written posts like this before.

I even saw this video last week:

It’s easy to hear this advice and agree with it. It’s much harder to actually hit “post” than it is to make excuses and wait “until you’re ready.” - I’m not ready nearly often enough. I need to have a different standard then “When I think it’s good enough”

Publish as soon as you can.

That’s my promise to myself from now on: Publish as soon as possible.

is what people call me IRL. On the internet my names are @SteveMoraco, Steve@Mora.co, & http://SteveMoraco.com

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