Beyond #DigitalNomad: The Hubud’s Cogiving Project is Here!

Steve Munroe
Mar 21, 2016 · 3 min read
Photo: Hubud/Franz Navarrete

Hubud’s annual Town-Hall meeting is just around the corner, and as Hubud’s co-founder, I am really excited to be able to share some big news (and plans) with all Hubudians, gather all feedbacks, and ideas on how we could co-create our community better at our coworking space.

One of the news that I just can’t wait to share with you is: Hubud Cogiving Project.

Since the early days of Hubud, it has been clear that there was an opportunity here: we have a very creative and talented community, and are in a place where there are numerous great social projects happening. So there should be lots of opportunity for the Hubud community to work with local businesses and NGO’s (yayasans) to help them scale their impact.

However, for people with a background in development or community work (I was with the UN for 10 years prior to Hubud), you know there are lots of opportunities for that engagement to not work out that well… or even backfire. People who want to get involved can end up frustrated that their ‘help’ is not received as intended or does not provide the intended results, and local organisations often want ‘help’ but can’t always manage it well when it comes (language issues, cultural complexity, infrastructure realities, etc).

The Hubud Cogiving project will act as the connecting agent to help manage the engagement between the talent and the Partner. We will help to connect will local organisations, scope the project, find suitable talent and provide project management to complete the agreed support.

Ultimately the goal is to help our community members make a meaningful connection to Bali, and to harness the strengths of the Hubud membership to make a substantive impact on our community. Thanks to Renee Martyna for pushing this issue consistently on the idea that development and service can be done differently.

This is part of the broader framework that we will be further articulating this year called the 4-Co model which will inform how we work in 2016. Thanks to Janet Nicol for nailing the language on this and helping us articulate this part of our vision!

(and another quick shout out to Andy McLean and all the other members new and old that kept pushing us to get ready to get active)

It’s the Digital Nomad 2.0. With Hubud Cogiving program, we’re hoping that we could make it easier for visiting nomads to have a meaningful connection with their host country — and support local social ventures to have greater impact at the same time.

Photo: Hubud/Arley Mardo

Want to learn more and get involved? At the Town-Hall Meeting, we will explain more about the project and approach, and tell you all about the first partner in the Cogiving project: The Spring Community School in Ubud. So, feel free to drop by when you’re in town. Or, write to us at, and let us know your thoughts!



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