While Ms Linehan’s turnaround is admirable, it should also be noted that BPD, which was once in…
Mateo D

Thank you for sharing.

And thank you for highlighting the importance of the need to critically assessing the efficacy of DBT (and any modality). As a clinician myself, it is important that I don’t look at outcome studies alone, but that longtitudinal studies and follow-ups also color my practice and my approach with those I work with.

You have pointed out a growing issue in our field and many fields that are based on empirical data. In the age of “getting published” and having data that catches people’s eyes, it has become more and more common practice to skew statistics to look favorable, in order to be published in these highly touted scientific journals. From the methodology all the way down to selective presentation of outcome data, it has become a huge issue. I appreciate, respect, and take in your response as well as all those that continue to critically look at this systemic issue. It does really guide my practice as I continue to grow in my practice, knowing that I want to provide the best care to my clients, based on evidence-based practices.

Thank you.

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