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Well written article here but pretty depressing. I mean a little liberalism is nice but what sucks is when the liberal agenda on a story goes way too far…and there’s no one who leans a little right who wants to stick his neck out and fight it.

The worst example was Musberger commenting on how he hoped Joe Mixon had a bright future. I had to see liberals and PC Police across the country blast this guy as though he just gave his support for the KKK. He wished a kid who had made and atoned for his mistakes to have good future. That’s it. (And before that he did the “horrible” act of pointing out that a model in the crowd was beautiful). This is a ridiculous and overbearing stance it’s liberals literally bashing a guy because he didn’t swear hateful revenge on a kid and didn’t want his life and future ruined forever due to one mistake. Somehow being positive is somehow a bad thing?

Somehow Liberals are always about apologizing for people, making excuses for mistakes, and giving second chances yet, for some reason, that goes away when stories like Mixon are involved. Someone needed to call Liberals out for this hypocrisy but no one ever did and it started to actually be considered the “right way to think” to think Mixon needed to be banned and tarred and feathered for what he did. Lack of compassion and forgiveness is never the right way to think. Someone needs to point out when the Left goes to far (just like everyone and their uncle is pointing out how our Right president is doing the same)…and there’s no one there to do it. And when folks surround themselves by folks who think exactly as they do like the Liberal media is, it starts to justify these thoughts since everyone around them agrees with it.

The news is just as biased as it was in the 40’s and 50's…it’s just the other way.

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