3 Practical Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Parents

The last thing the Internet needs is another article telling you how easy it is to make money from home. Because nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s not easy.

It takes an incredible amount of effort and dedication to build a home-based business. That’s without the added stress of also being a full-time parent.

I’ve had over a year to explore the possibilities presented by my new responsibilities as a parent. I’ve come to the conclusion that not only is it possible, it’s worth every bit of energy I put into it.

Imagine being able to build a business and raise your family without ever having to sacrifice one for the other.

There are many different options available for a home-based business. Your decision will depend on your own individual skill set and interests. I will make one suggestion. Take part in more than one opportunity if your schedule allows.

As a firm believer in many streams of income, I currently have three distinct revenue streams. I’m always on the lookout for another source to add to my portfolio. I am just not comfortable having all my eggs in one basket.

By spreading out my revenue, if one venture fails, the reduction in income is easier to manage.

Here are three projects that are currently generating income for my household:

1. Start a Network Marketing Business

This is the single greatest thing you can do for you family. I’ll get into it in much more detail in a future post. For right now, if you’re a full-time parent and you’re not involved in a network marketing business, I have just one thing to say…GET STARTED NOW!!

Find a product or service you believe in, from a company with a solid reputation. Make sure it offers both leveraged income and true residual earnings. Make sure the business model supports your need to be at home.

Forget anything with a “party”-based platform. That won’t work. Do your homework. Speak with other full-time parents who take part in your prospective opportunity. Ask lots of questions. Get their feedback on how they balance their business with their family responsibilities.

2. Offer your Skills for Freelance Work

The validity of this one will vary based on your skill set. If you have a skill or specialized knowledge that you can parley into a freelancing income, go for it. It’s a quick way to make money from home.

In my case, I have a background in computer technology and programming. I’ll pick up jobs on Elance.com or another similar site. I’ll do some small scale web design or content creation.

I’ve also developed contacts who often refer people to me with computer problems. I can repair these from home while tending to my parental duties. The income from this project varies, but a good week can stoke the family coffers. Analyze your current skill set. I’m sure you’ll find you have several potential opportunities to generate income.

3. Build an Online Brand

This section was titled ‘Start a Blog’ in my notes. Then I changed it. I’ve come to realize that while having a blog is a great way to make a few extra bucks, it’s only one cog on the wheel. There are other aspects of using the Internet and social media to make money from home.

This project will take time to start to generate any significant income. It does allow you to start small, in your spare time during baby naps, and build up a credible online brand. Then you can monetize into a respectable passive income. It starts with a blog, but should grow to include other platforms. Include things like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. Content is king on the Internet. If you can create it, you can monetize it.

Find Many Ways to Make Money from Home

Being a full-time parent occupies a lot of your time. As much as I do believe that many streams of income are crucial to make money from home, we only have so many hours in a day.

Pick one thing that you’d like to do and try it. If you like it, and can manage the added workload, try adding another.

It won’t happen overnight, but over time you can build up a significant income for your household. This allows you to experience all the joy and happiness reserved for those few parents who get to spend every day with their children.