Scott’s Pawn & Jewelry: New Business Development

Steve Scott founded Scott’s Pawn & Jewelry in 1993. He started consulting, using his success of his business as proof that his business leadership efforts and strategic planning work well, in 2002. For three years, Scott worked as a consultant for Capital Group International in St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands. He started working for Blue Water Management and Consulting with his wife in Puerto Rico in 2012. He and his wife works there as consultants to this day and his wife manages their successful pawn shop empire in Birmingham, Alabama.

Steve Scott leaned much of what he knows about new business development from the early days of running Scott’s Pawn & Jewelry. He has used that experience to not only help his business create more opportunities for itself and the customers who rely on it, but also consult with fledgling businesses to help them develop and expand. Mr. Scott believes that an early commitment to marketing and market research in a business will do nothing but help it develop into a successful organization with several streams of income and methods of market penetration.

Scott’s Pawn & Jewelry has become known for its reliability and its wide range of products it offers to customers all over the South.

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