The DACA fight is’t over

Today’s decision by the Trump Administration to end the Obama-era DACA program is a rare combination of stark cruelty and profoundly irresponsible policy. And if the president’s risky bet that Congress can fix it falls flat, the victims will be 13,000 young immigrants who call Nevada home.

There is no way to justify efforts to deport hundreds of thousands of young immigrants beyond simple cruelty and partisan politics. They go to school, hold jobs, serve in the military and as first responders and ask only for a chance at citizenship here, the country they love. These are our neighbors, friends and family members and they face forced removal from their homes through no fault of their own.

That President Trump feels this is an acceptable action is indefensible. That he trotted out his Attorney General rather than face the cameras himself is reprehensible.

In addition to ruining the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals, this is profoundly bad policy. Deporting DREAMers will have a measurable negative impact on the economy and local government budgets. In the coming days, I will be calling for hearings in Clark County to determine and highlight the full cost to the community if this policy goes forward.

Today is indeed a dark one for many of our friends and neighbors. At the same time, this should be a day of action not mourning. In the Trumpcare fight, we have proven that committed action by engaged voters can upend irresponsible plans in Congress. While the costs of this proposal will be great, we must remember we have six months to convince Congress it is in their best interests to craft a permanent solution.

This fight is not over — it is just beginning.

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