Repeat After Me — Torture Doesn’t Work
Matthew Gault

One more point. To make it absolutely clear, I am completely opposed to the use of torture on moral and political grounds. However, I also have a deep respect for truth. It is reasonable to assume that those who wrote reports that said “torture does not work” were themselves opposed to torture. Is it possible that in at least a subset of these reports (particularly in Germany and the USSR) that the authors attempted to “sabotage” these efforts by deliberately misstating the results? Why do we assume that those who wrote reports saying that “torture does not work” are themselves intellectually honest? I must say that a psychologist employed by the Nazi party, or the KGB (or perhaps the CIA) is not the most attractive expert witness. In fact, that seems to be a very large leap to make…

There is an executive order prohibiting assassinations since we realized that the US would be at a substantial disadvantage in a war of such tactics. But saying that we should not assassinate does not mean assassination does not work.