For the good of creativity

A showcase of appreciation for great ideas, design, art and inspiration from around the globe

Its been a number of years now since Charlie and I started logging creative inspiration and references. It began way back when we worked at an agency together and craved inspiration to inspire and share. The problem was a frustration at the lack of consistently great creative resources and ideas. The time spent trying to remember where we saw ‘that thing’ or ‘the thing that did X’ led to the need for a simple reference log.

What began as our personal log of ideas, fast became an outward-facing show of appreciation to the people behind them. We understood great ideas and creativity was something that was shared and loved by many, and we felt it was right to make sure credit’s given where credit’s due.

Our challenge throughout has been dedicating time. Time to uncover references that we feel are meaningful enough and to share our thoughts on each; something we feel is important for anyone using the site. With both of us in busy ‘day jobs’ as design and creative directors respectively, it’s easy for the energy to subside and prevent us from finding time to update the site. Despite these ups and downs, our desire to capture and share quality content in a platform to inspire others keeps us excited, and to this day we continue dedicating time to curate what we feel is a collection of the best ideas from around the world. We’ve gone on to add a feature that showcases some of our brilliant friends we’ve been lucky enough to work with over the years too, making for more personal and insightful stories to be shared with you all and help young creatives understand what it takes to do well.

A clean, simple design to showcase great work
An ongoing curation of brilliant creative ideas
An improved reader experience for articles
A featured showcase of friends

Recently we spent time improving the user experience of the site, aiming to deliver a better user journey and interface built by our trusty friends at Squarespace. The idea for the design was always for a simple interface that champions the work, something we found in a simple template that meets our needs as curators. The site has continued to grow as we explore Instagram and Twitter as our means of sharing. This is an area that we hope will continue to grow so long as we have the capacity, something we’re already looking to resolve in the near future. For us, organic growth and reach is vital to ensuring an honest platform and this means building an approach that works for us and our followers.

For now the new site is live so check it out and be sure to post your feedback here. There will be more coming from us over the next few months so stay updated @goodfromyou on Twitter or Instagram.