Is Material Design killing the Web?

I agree with the conclusion. No material design is not killing the web. And personally I love a lot of things about it from a visual hierarchy and UI/UX perspective it works with the human perception system significantly better than lots of other design philosophies. The human eye and nervous system are designed to process 3D objects and interact with them in the way that Material design is standardizing. Standardizing is good in a UI and UX while novelty is bad in a UX. Nobody wants an original interface people want original content. Do you want an original dashboard for your car? maybe put the odometer on the ceiling and make the turn signals into wearable so you slap your chest on the left or right side to turn them on? NO, that’s confusing and not very usable. Novelty is a negative in tool design, it’s always better to pursue form that follows function and convergence in a visual UI language.

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