Installment 4: Fermi or You 2027

(A love story about Wisconsin, Mars, big trucks in mud, and The Fermi Paradox)


James Fitzroy Knox had the coolest job in the world. Without a doubt, the coolest job in the world.

Growing up in Williams Bay, Wisconsin little Jimmy wanted…

At Lonnnng Last…JUSTICE!

In happy celebration of the present, I’d like to step back in time to what I believe to have been the shameful past–a tradition of “that’s just how it‘s always been.” I’m speaking of what was that strange moment for every musician in the audience at a movie while enjoying…

WAY back in the day…I’m talkin’ 1974ish, I was a young man living in a mixed bag of opportunity and a “glass cage of emotions” in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Blessed with wonderful siblings (two brothers and a sister) we were all dealing with the slow death of our mother’s marriage to…

Installment 1: String Theory

(A story of self discovery, ETs, and a flying buttress in medieval England)


I have some questions:

How long have we wondered if we are all there is in all of the cosmos? Weren’t there dragons and fairies and all sorts of beasties wandering about in ancient times?


Thinking About Interstellar Travel and Extraterrestrial Life (No biggie🙃)

I really enjoyed watching “Shatner in Space”today on Amazon Prime. While I am not a fan of most everything Jeff Bezos (my favorite Space Baron is Richard Branson), I AM a big fan of all things Shatner. To see him…

The James Webb Telescope

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), will orbit the sun 1 million miles (1.5 million kilometers) from Earth. (Image credit: ESA)

If all goes well-and LAWD there’s a whole lotta STUFF that needs to go well-this incredible bit of wizardry will launch from French Guiana on December twenty four.

What will it do? Quite possibly (actually, if the 300+ “fail points” operate correctly…I think it isn’t just…

Release The Dover Stone

Installment 5: MJ-12 at Noon

(A story about love, sushi, and alien disclosure)

Sushi, Radar, and Memos…Oh My!

MJ-12 at Noon



The jointly operated U.S.-Japanese Early Warning Installation at the Air Self-Defense Kyogamisaki Base in Kyotango, northwest of Kyoto, Japan had paid for itself many times over. During President Darla Myersin’s…

Steve Wiest

Steve Wiest is a multiple Grammy-nominated jazz trombonist, composer, cartoonist, and author.

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