Clairvoyance — Clarividencia

Natural Science

There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is. Albert Einstein

Have you ever wondered what it is to be magical?

There are those spiritual people that appear to walk around as if they’re in some kind of white light dream, intoxicated by whichever spiritual experience they’re having…for them I guess everything in life is a miracle, a delightful state of bliss, I love it!

For me too every dimension of life, every level of the Universe is miraculous, in all its shapes and sizes, its colors and hues, its dark and light and its magic…yet my clairvoyance is not characterized by the white fluffy cloud, the goodness of the Christian God or the idea of wonderful angels, mine is more practical and hard-nosed. I’m a Pagan Priest, a shamanic practitioner, a spiritual warrior, a healer and a writer. I walk the paths of both darkness and light and I have little time for naive conversations about whether the spirit world exists or whether nothing in life is a miracle.

If your journey has led you through cynicism, a naive humanism that recognizes little outside of its own self imposed limited perception, sure I can help you grow, but it’s your job to release those limited beliefs, I have no interest in trying to prove the basics to someone that’s unwilling to be open to other worlds and experiences, there are plenty of mediums who that interests, I’m not one of them!

Spiritual Growth Isn’t Optional, Only When You Grow Is Optional

Spiritual and Life Coaching

Although the coming of technology and science clearly brought a range of experiences and improvements to many lives, they seem to me to have separated many of us from all the consciousness around us in the world, the universe, the unseen and notions of the Divine.

Ironically this existential space created by science and the material, has often been filled by one of two opposing philosophies: Science itself using its methods to try and become the only accurate definers of reality; and religion, which science has often unsuccessfully attempted to unseat, both battle each other brutally and any other perceptions of reality outside of their own epistemologies. Both fight to be seen as the only valid interpretation of life and both seek to disempower the individual’s perception and psychic connection to consciousness.

Although at times Spiritual and Life Coaching will utilize prediction as a tool, its primary focus is to empower the individual’s relationship to spirit and the universe, thus creating a vortex where people gain back some control over their lives and grow/evolve spiritually. It seeks to show where energies are in the present, empower others with choice and tools of creation and at times helps those who are interested to develop their own personal clairvoyant connection to spirit and the Divine Being. This is clearly a very different focus to the path of the fortune teller, or the impotence of religion.

If you’d be interested in knowing more or want to focus on your own empowerment check out my Facebook Page or contact me by email. Although my base is in Austin Texas, I’m a traveler moving through time and space, at present I’m in Mexico City….

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be magical? It’s quite possible that you already are!

Blessings and Peace from the place of abundance that’s beyond the mind!

Postscript — Terminology

Obviously the literal meaning of clairvoyance is clear seeing and as a short cut I often refer to clairaudience and clairsentience under the generalized banner of clairvoyance, although they literally mean clear hearing and clear feeling — the kinaesthetic experience.

Often terms are further confused when someone speaks of mediumship, and true enough mediumship can mean direct contact with Spirit. However for the sake of clarity let’s define clairvoyance as the work we do with spirit guides and spirit helpers to empower others to heal their lives and grow spiritually.

For the sake of discussion then I define mediumship as that branch of spiritual work often connected to Spiritualist churches, mediums who contact recognizable ancestors, those close to you who have died, typically they seek three pieces of proof, proof of life after death for the skeptical and willing alike.