Tell Jorge To Book Your Spanish Wedding Now

Before it’s too late

The Hispanic Wedding Event Of The Year

The Fiesta That Your Latin Family Will Rave About

Your Wedding Party Which Will Be Remembered For Generations

Dear H and Jorge,

Picture your big day… 20th July 2015

You arrive at El Pulguilla Restaurant

on the banks of the beautiful Tawe River.

Your friends,

your Welsh and Spanish families,

mingle joyfully in the gorgeous sunshine,

appetizer drinks have been served…

At outside tables.

Welsh, English and Spanish words seem to become one language on this special day.

One language of success…One language of love.

The Doors Open

You hear the click, clickclick, click, click of the flamenco rhythms the unmistakable sound of the flamenco guitar.

The shouts of the flamenco dancers…
That invite you in, to take your places of honor…

At your wedding reception.

Tradition and Romance

Around your throat H,

you wear the gorgeous necklace that Jorge presented you at your engagement.

You smile as you remember my surprise

when Jorge gave me a watch as a token of his sincerity

and asked for your hand.

Gazpacho and Tapas

The tangy, refreshing,

chilled Gazpacho is served…

Made from summer sweet vine ripe tomatoes,

luscious cucumbers

and red bell peppers…

Sprinkled tantalizingly with the heat of jalapeno,

green onion and garlic.

You take a moment to savor the smells and sounds

of the sizzling garlic and chilli prawns (Gambas Pil Pil)

as your mouth waters with anticipation.

The olivada (olive spread) with crusty freshly baked bread…

is heavenly and your taste buds dance

with the delight of the first bite.

The luxury of the patatas bravas with chorizo,

the tomato bread with jamon serrano

and the smoky chicken skewers

builds your appetite and excitement,

the promise of culinary delights to come.

Roast Chicken and Fresh Mango

Like the long hot days

we spent together

in Andalucia last summer,

feasting on roasted chicken and fresh mango,

sampling the delights of

crispy green salads,

queso’ (cheese) croquettes

las tortillas’ (potato omelets)

the oyster ‘Pulpo a la gallego

and the paellas and bean stews,

We will eat the delights of Spain,

together with our loved ones

celebrating ‘La Boda’.

The Wedding of H and Jorge

Vino Blanco y Vino Tinto

Like ‘el verano pasado’

last summer together

the nights of fiestas

Drinking ‘ vinos tintos y vinos blancos

red and white wines,

whiskeys and coffees.

We will party through the night,

like the best of Spanish Weddings,

the ultimate in celebrations,

to the sounds of flamenco,

as we bring Spain

here to our home in Wales.

But don’t just take my word for it,

look at what the experts say…

South Wales Readers’ Restaurant Of The Year 2014

El Pulguilla

Elizabeth Carter, Consultant Editor of the Good Food Guide said:

“…ultimately Gemma Urbano and Gabriel Gomez Lopez’s La Parrilla Restaurant won our hearts.” ‘Exceptional friendliness, sheer professionalism, value for money and food that is not only delicious but also properly prepared… I wish every town had a restaurant of this standard… El Pulguilla is a fine example of what can be achieved with sheer determination and a modern fresh outlook.’

Gemma Urbano and Gabriel Gomez Lopez were presented with their award by Nathan Outlaw at an award ceremony at the Waitrose Cookery School on 1st September 2014.

The Guardian Newspaper — Sergio Narajan

Sergio Narajan is head chef at London’s Michelin

–starred Spanish restaurant Ametsa.

Last month he wrote an article called:

A Great Little Place I know — El Pulguilla Restaurant.

‘…but they don’t take risks with the taste, and preserve those well-known Spanish flavors.

They have a lobster with chickpea soup that’s fantastic and they like to
serve game in winter. They also serve old style hare with black truffle sauce and the homemade cannelloni with pig trotters is amazing… The ambiance is quite intimate — you could definitely go for a romantic dinner. ’

Michelin reviewers (commonly called ‘inspectors’) are completely anonymous, they do not identify themselves, and their meals and expenses are paid for by the company founded by the Michelin brothers, never by a restaurant being reviewed.

The French Chef Paul Kerrard, one of the pioneers of ‘Nouvelle Cuisine’ said: “Michelin is the only guide that counts.”

‘El Pulguilla was one of 2000 restaurants visited in 2014 by Michelin and was given 4 stars — not bad for a restaurant in a small Welsh city. ‘

By Now Probably You Are Wondering… whether there is still time to book this restaurant,

how much this will cost you and whether this is a cheaper option than marrying in Spain.

In a moment I will tell you what I propose.

But first let me tell you about my friend Carlos.

Carlos came to Swansea from Cordoba, Spain

to study English at the University.

I met him in his first week here because I was his professor.

He always believed that he was fortunate to have the opportunities to study here.

Although he was from a middle class family,

money and good jobs were hard to come by.

The economy of Spain was (and is) as sick as

a wounded matador.

The truth was that Carlos always harbored a guilt

that he was a burden on his family

at a time of grave financial difficulty.

He had always harbored a guilt,

that his family had to struggle

to give him a good education

Carlos put pressure on himself to get the best grades

and to be highly successful.

He worked so hard so he could pay them back…

So when he met Ellen,

he fell in love…

and decided to marry her,

He was torn…

He wanted to marry in Spain,

to have a big traditional wedding

with family and friends in Cordoba.

But Carlos couldn’t allow it,

he couldn’t permit his family to struggle even more for him

Together we worked to find an alternative

to keep all the tradition and excitement

of a Spanish Wedding.

One evening me, Ellen and Carlos

were walking along the river bank

in the Marina

We came across El Pulguilla

and decided to see

if we could have a meal.

We were fortunate

and only had to wait 15 minutes

before a table was available

Well to cut a long story short…

The food and the wine,

the music and the ambiance were extraordinary.

The whole feel of Spain we experienced that night

convinced us that we had found our solution.

I just can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the Wedding

and you know me,

I am rarely lost for words.

What Other Customers Are Saying: Jennifer Young-

‘I highly recommend the Gambas (very large prawns) absolutely stunning, staff always polite and a very well run restaurant, highly recommend this restaurant.’

Antonio Cottam Aijon

‘A reminder of my home, the staff, the smells, the food and the music drew my mind back to the coast of Andalucia…a delicious authentic experience.’

Michael Granger

‘This restaurant is busy, and booking is recommended early, otherwise you will miss out on a fabulous night. We have been here on several occasions and have never been disappointed. The food is good quality, and choice of menu is to suit a wide range of taste buds. The fish, meat and vegetables are all fresh. ‘

The Proposal

.Give yourself the whole experience of a Spanish Wedding at a fraction of the cost.

. Feast on authentic Spanish food and wines without leaving Swansea.

. Bring your Spanish and Welsh families together

to party until dawn like all good Spanish Weddings

.Relieve any financial burden from Jorge’s family

by booking El Puguilla Restaurant this week

.Experience the excitement, music, ambience, food, language and tradition

of a Spanish Wedding all under one roof.

This way Jorge’s family don’t have to worry

about the huge cost of a traditional Spanish Wedding.

The Catch

For all of this to happen,

you will need to book the restaurant before the end of this week.

So… I have booked a table for the three of us on Friday night

I will pick you up from your house at 7pm

We will eat and drink together

and after you have experienced the joy which is El Puguilla

I know that you will love my proposal.

See you on Friday

Much Love Dad

P.S. Because I am such a loving father I will pay for your meals and drinks on Friday night.

PPS. And if all of the above is not sweet enough, I will pay for the whole reception as my wedding present to you.

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