The Psychic — El Psiquico

You say I took the name in vain
I don’t even know the name
But if I did, well really, what’s it to you?
There’s a blaze of light
In every word
It doesn’t matter which you heard
The holy or the broken Hallelujah

Leonard Cohen- Hallelujah

So you’re choosing the radical path, you’re choosing the path of personal knowledge over the perceived wisdom of experts. It is likely you’ll raise the ire of many and the scorn of others. Yes trusting your own innate knowledge is that radical.

So you’ve remembered that you’re a sentient part of the whole, you’re made up of much smaller parts, atoms and molecules, cells and organs and fluids, limbs, body and mind. You’ve remembered that you’re connected to everything else in existence, everything in life. We share the molecules, the ideas and the spirit of all whose path we touch, that’s right you’re inextricably a part of the whole, connected to the whole for there’s nowhere else you can have come from and yes you can communicate with everything — yes you’re psychic.

Despite the consciousness of many of those people around you, you know your intuition exists and you’ve realized how silly some of those explanations and denials about the psychic are from those that seek to dissuade you that anything exists outside of their narrow explanations.

And then you’ve felt that your body has a different consciousness to yours, it seems you are both your body and not your body at the same time. Yes there’s a part of you that has a separate, yet interconnected, consciousness/spirit that isn’t as evolved as that part of you that you normally refer to as you, which looks after your bodily functions, which you can directly communicate with and receive impressions, feelings (and if you’ve done the psychic development work) the experience of direct conversation.

As you awaken you begin to remember that if your body has a spirit that both is and isn’t you, then parts of your body; DNA, cells, limbs etc, also have levels of consciousness, sparks of spirit and with practice and patience you can begin to communicate with and encourage growth and change…

As you awaken you begin to remember that if your body has a spirit…

As you awaken more you begin to remember that your psychic connection with everything around you is not limited to slight feelings and or flashes of inspiration but that everything is sentient, everything has spirit, everything you can communicate with.

Indeed there’s nothing that can adequately describe how powerful it is to commune and speak to nature and watch the whole of the natural world respond to your voice and your attention. There’s nothing more magical than communicating with the weather or the forests, the streams, the rocks and the mountains…and when you have these experiences you realize how silly those questions are that doubt that you’re psychic.

As it occurs to you that you can communicate with everything in nature and also everything in your body it becomes apparent that your body too is psychic. It picks up emotions and thoughts, beliefs and feelings from other bodies and things around it and communicates them to you as if they’re your own. As Access Consciousness demonstrates if at times you’re feeling hungry for example you can ask your body ‘is this our feeling or does it belong to someone else?’ If you’ve developed your psychic abilities your body will answer you with words, at other times if your body gives you a heavy feeling you can instruct it to send the hunger feelings back to sender with all of their consciousness and you find that you no longer feel hungry. This technique can also be used with thoughts, feelings and emotions!

What if the purpose of life is to live from the chaos that creates rather than the order that demonstrates-Gary Douglas, Access Consciousness.

So what if the purpose of the psychic is much more profound than we ever dreamed? What if the psychic is the communication with the spirit world, that which is not, that which is yet to be? For in order for things to become, surely there must be a time when they don’t exist, and the psychic is the communication that begins the seeding, planting and nurturing of that energy of creation which brings all things into being.

For in my experience the Kahunas are right, we have a third spirit which is an expression of Divinity which is myself. Some call it The Higher Self, others the Holy Guardian Angel, others the Universe, all are the perfect expression of the Universe, the Divine through my unique software of creation. And as you develop your psychic abilities you can communicate with this higher spirit part of yourself either directly or through the channel of your body/mind spirit, for here is the seat of magic and creation, here is the seat of the psychic.

The holy or the broken Hallelujah

And as you honor your psychic and spiritual awakening at times you may find yourself seeking company, support, inspiration, teaching or instruction, for it can be challenging to stand alone against the prevalent world view. Although based in Austin Texas I’m a traveler through time and space and at present I’m in Mexico City, if I can help you on your sacred journey you can find me on my Facebook page: Spiritual and Life Coach or via my gmail address.

Walk in Peace, many blessings


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