Keep your bitcoins safe — avoid vulnerable apps

Bitcoin owners are probably the group that needs to keep the security of their devices at the highest level. Once stolen the bitcoins are impossible to get back — the transactions are irreversible.

Photo credit: zcopley / Photo / CC BY-SA

Smartphone apps are used as an attack vector to compromise personal computers or even corporate networks. Gartner and other research labs estimated that more than 50% of the apps have security vulnerabilities. They are back-doors to the personal information on smartphones or other devices connected to them.

The latest example of mobile app vulnerability exploit is with the Starbucks app discovered on Tuesday —

There is an app ( that allows users to see the vulnerabilities in the apps on their mobile devices and take actions to protect themselves. The app has free trial and can be downloaded from the its community page on Google — (Approval is required to join the community page).

I hope you find it useful.

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