How Dreams Can Lead You in a New Direction

Not long ago, I was standing in line at the grocery store. A gentleman and his adolescent daughter stood in front of me. And in front of him was a middle-aged woman who looked ill and tired.

As the cashier passed her groceries through the scanner, the woman searched through her purse to find her wallet. Her body jerked back and forth, as if she was having an epileptic seizure. After the cashier scanned her groceries, the woman swiped her ATM card through the card scanner.

“I’m sorry ma’am” said the cashier. “The card was denied. Could you try again?”

With a worried grin, the woman swiped her card again and re-entered her PIN number.

“I’m sorry” said the cashier. “The card wasn’t accepted. Do you have another card?”

The woman opened and searched through her purse, hoping to find another card to pay for her groceries.

“Can we get moving here?” said the gentleman in front of me. “My daughter and I have to get going.” But his daughter watched and smiled, as if she knew the answer.

The woman placed her ATM card back into her wallet, and handed the cashier three twenty-dollar bills.

“Here” she said. “This should take care of it.”

When she reached out to give the cashier her cash, her hand shook violently. The cashier gently grabbed her forearm to steady her hand and then took the cash from her hand.

“Here’s your receipt” said the cashier. “Thanks for shopping with us today.”

As the woman walked away, she continued to shake. People standing behind me shared whispered conversations, questioning whether the woman was OK.

“Something’s wrong with that woman” said the gentleman in front of me. “She needs to see a doctor.”

But his daughter had another opinion.

“I know what’s wrong with her” she said. The cashier leaned towards her so she could see her tiny body standing behind the counter.

“Her dreams are stuck inside of her and they want to get out” she said. “But she won’t let them.”

And then I woke up and realized it was all a dream.

I shared that dream with a close friend. “You have writer’s dreams” he said. “I’ll bet it’s telling you what you should do next…whether to write about it or act on it.”

That’s when I realized I need to take the next step in pursuing a dream.

Don’t end up like the woman at the grocery store. If you have a dream inside of you, find some way to let it out. Write about it, seek counsel, and then do something about it.

What are you doing today to pursue your dreams?

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