Photographer Tackles Breastfeeding Taboo with Intimate Portraits

Tara Ruby Photography

Last September, portrait photographer Tara Ruby’s intimate portrayal of ten mothers breastfeeding while on active duty became an online viral sensation. The photographs were met with a positive response and became the inspiration for Ruby’s latest Uniformed Breastfeeding Portrait project.

The first photographs in the collection show a working firefighter and a doctor breastfeeding their children.

Ruby reveals to Bokeh that in order to capture the intimate images she had to be practical but also show emotion.

“I tell them ahead of time what I’m looking for so they already know the technical details. But when they get to the studio we talk about their babies and their breastfeeding journey and I really believe that my interest in them helps them relax.”

Tara Ruby Photography

Soft background lighting also helps soothe the baby and allow Ruby to unobtrusively capture the moment with her Canon 6D and 50mm lens.

A military veteran herself, Ruby hopes that her portraiture will help counter the stigmas associated with women choosing to hold both a full time career, whatever that may be, while still nursing their babies at home.

Tara Ruby is an award-winning photographer specialising in maternity through childhood with a military emphasis; you can follow her ongoing Uniformed Breastfeeding Portrait collection on Facebook here.

Tara Ruby Photography

[Article provided for Bokeh]

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