You can think of Bitcoin a bit like a shared google doc spreadsheet that anyone in the world can send data to, one global ledger of accounts and balances. Ethereum builds on this idea by providing a mechanism for users to add custom formulas into the cells. Anyone who has done any kind of Microsoft Excel programming knows how powerful spreadsheets can become with just a few simple formulas.
The Insanity and Brilliance at Ethereum’s Developer Conference
Jordan Leigh

You can think of blockchain as a spreadsheet if you like, or a database, or a General Ledger but all these metaphors lose the point of consensus almost straight away. The blockchain was special for one thing only: it resolves the order of entries without an administrator. That’s what sets it apart.

As the writer says, we’ve been programming cells in spreadsheets for decades. But call macros “Smart Contracts” and everyone gets in a spin.

Glad to see the writer calls out the blockchain dot-com-like hysteria later in this article.

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