The campaign for Bernie Sanders must continue until the convention.
The Digital Left

Ted Steven’s probe of very serious corruption is NOTHING like the constant witch-hunt-for headlines that Clinton has dealt with now and for decades before.
This article is an unjustified hit-piece, appealing to the hard core ‘Bernie Bros’ faction of Sander’s support, who will take it and run with it like they have with every possible, tenuous theme to attack Clinton.
This is a Democratic Party effort to keep the Republican boot off of America’s neck. Super-partisan hit-piece attacks on Clinton are counter-productive to the Democratic cause. If you hate the Democratic party, then get the hell out of it. The Democrats don’t need to be polluted with an obnoxious, super-vocal group pledge to tear down their leading candidate. This is the cancer that led to the destruction of the Republican party and no different from the behavior of Trump’s base. Don’t be that.

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