Building A Startup Doesn’t Make You Special.
J. Westenberg 🌈

Putting yourself out of business?

“ I’m Jon Westenberg. I’m a writer, critic, creative & digital evangelist. I focus on creativity and innovation. Since 2012, I’ve been helping people make things and find an audience. You can hire me to write content and consult for your startup or blog, invite me to speak at your event, or set up a conversation on your podcast. I’m excited to hear from you!” — from Jon’s website.

I think you’re just a little jaded. Don’t get me wrong, the advice in this article is fairly good, but you yourself want to be that special someone to consult startups but in this article advise, “If you think startups are special, you need to ask the opinion of someone who isn’t a young straight white male.” Since you’re a young-ish, (assuming) straight white male, we can only assume that you’re saying not to hire you to consult, speak, advise, etc.