The Pain You Feel is Capitalism Dying
Joe Brewer

My experience tells me a different story. My three young adult children graduated from an affordable state college with no debt and paid for it themselves with scholarships and working while in school. I offered to pay for their college but they did it on their own. They were taught from birth that college is a place to prepare for work and to major in something they enjoyed… but also only something with value in the market place . They all found good employment quickly and are all supporting themselves. None live in my basement. In spite of the bleak world you describe they appear to be optimistic about the future and happy in their careers and relationships. Capitalism still seems to work for them. One is well on his way to becoming a millionaire.

It also worked for me and my stay at home wife, well enough for me to retire early and enjoy volunteer work, side gigs and four day weekends every week. I worked at an “evil” oil corporation as a corporate officer and with decades of experience my pay was roughly twice that of my hourly union friends and coworkers. But that was plenty to allow me to amass some wealth and give generously to others. If that counts as wealth extraction and concentration then it seems pretty mild.

My replacement at work is an exceptional young woman who made a smart choice to major in chemical engineering, as did I, and her future is as bright as mine was at her age. It is almost as if I am living in a different world than you are. Mine is not the dark hopeless place you describe. Mine still offers opportunity to people who study hard, work hard and make wise choices.

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