Nobody had all these travel aspirations before GoPros

I haven’t seen enough of the world. I’m not sure how much I will ever get to see or what I actually want to see anyway. But is it me or has there suddenly been a major increase in the number of people saying ‘I want to travel’. Those 4 words seem to be coming out of everyone’s mouth nowadays. And I’m pretty sure the general scenery of the usual list of places hasn’t changed so what has? Perhaps it’s how we are being shown and ‘sold’ the world.

To name drop one particular item. The GoPro. Versatile camera extraordinaire. Tiny. Lightweight. Virtually indestructible in that skeleton case, not to mention waterproof too. And so, so easy to use.

I am beginning to think that the rise in popularity of cameras such as this are correlated to all these people wanting to travel. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that travelling is an undesirable thing, I can’t even say if it’s an overrated thing as I haven’t really done it. I’m merely suggesting that right now I take the time to appreciate what Gopro are actually doing and the effect it’s having on us, possibly without even realising.

With things like Instagram being a focal point of social media, your typical sunsets, mountains and other stunning landscapes are usually one of the notoriously popular things to pick up likes. They are something that really can appeal to anyone in my opinion.

Now add into the equation the features of the GoPro. A camera that with it’s fisheye view and it’s capability of attaching to all kinds of accessories, it’s been easier than ever to capture these beautiful locations in a whole new dimension. Paragliding, skiing, surfing, you name it, the GoPro works with it.

Guilty I absolutely love most of the videos that GoPro themselves put out. They often get me imagining what it would be like to be there or do that. More so aimed at the video side of things rather than getting one up on any photographer, but the GoPro really is selling a message that:

“there’s a whole world out there, go get it!”

So with this rise in technology I feel that people’s travel aspirations have mirrored the trend. In fact, come to think of it, these stunning pictures and footage with modern day cameras dominate all corners of social media to some extent when I think about it.

It’s not unusual to see some picturesque beach in Thailand be someone’s cover photo on Facebook. Nor is it that a quirky video on Instagram or Twitter with a gorgeous backdrop of mountains in South America.

Now consider how many people are being exposed to such images, an unfathomable amount. Because these trend so well on social media and the modern day cameras are I believe a catalyst in the process, it’s understandable why so many people are being somewhat bought into the idea of travelling.

Guilty I am a proud owner of a GoPro. It’s perfect for making most of my freestyle football videos and just so handy to have around. While I haven’t really done any serious travelling I was really chuffed with the end product of this video I made when I went to Czech Republic last summer for the World Freestyle Football Championships. You can watch that video here:

And honestly I just don’t feel like half of that would have been possible or would have showed off the place in the way I wanted to. Of course I still would have gone even if I didn’t have a GoPro! I’m simply saying that since the turn of about 2013 where such cameras really stepped up the mark in terms of specifications and accessibility, we are being emersed in a visual field of what we want to see from the world.

It still begs the question of what it is to be a photographer etc. Is it the camera or the person doing most of what is required to capture amazing images?

But for me such adverts by camera companies like GoPro really are showing off the world in as pleasant a light as possible and subsequently people are jumping on a bandwagon of wanting to go travel and/or ‘find themselves’.

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