On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

This was written by a someone via facebook; I’m just sharing viable honest information:

This lawyer, Robin Alperstein -”proud defender of hedge funds and other major financial institutions”- is free to denounce Bernie Sanders’ candidacy for ANY reason she sees fit. And that’s essentially how she approaches this piece- with reckless editorial abandon. This Machiavellian screed would never make it over the transom of any publisher whose journalistic raison d’etre is anything other than their own hysterical biases. Hardly worth a look.

The problem with this Treatise De Bernie begins with the fact it’s framed almost entirely in relation to Hillary; an existentially myopic smear job that mostly seeks to apprise us of EVERY way in which Bernie was…”unfair”…to Hillary. In ways that Hillary’s never been unfair to any of her campaign opponents. Right.

The hypocrisy is so rich you’d think it were a Clinton super Pac. You know the type- pretend progressives who check off the easy issues: abortion, LGBT rights, climate change, etc. But when it comes to a wholesale rethinking of how wealth is created and apportioned? Let the status quo reign.

Curiously, as the author attempts to disparagingly define Bernie within some function of Hillary’s political maximization calculus, she makes little mention of the fact it was indeed Clinton who has moved, undeniably, in the direction of Sanders on the policy spectrum. Never the other way around. And that speaks volumes; of this lawyer and her agenda; of Hillary and her authenticity; and of Bernie. Someone who needn’t be defined by Goldman Sachs’ gal pal.

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