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Lately, I have been mulling over the principle of ‘five-fold’ leadership found in Biblical writings. (Now, just because I used the “B-word”, don’t shut me out…yet.) It has become blatantly apparent to me that this concept also has powerful implications for the practice of business leadership. One thing I have learned in life…the future shall be informed by the ancient.

Alan Hirsch is one of the most influential thinkers and mission-strategists in the present-day Christian church. He is a counter-cultural voice, even for the Church, who challenges the status quo to consider the fact that the cultural influence of the Christian Church is in decline. He argues that in order to address cultural changes, it is important to return to the most basic fundamentals of the movement. …

We all admire that person with a magnetic personality. We love to watch those TED Talks which leave our minds reeling with new ideas and inspiration. We are awed by this magnetic ability to both attract and capture the interest of a finicky audience. However, we must be careful not to forget that magnetism has a dark side as well.

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Anyone who has been in architecture school like myself remembers the ‘crits’. …

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We love our champions. In any area, the champions and specialists of the world are welcomed with open arms. They bring expertise, passion, and amazing performance outcomes that no other individuals seem to net on their own.

The problem with the appreciation for specialists is that when a task is left to the specialists, the specialty becomes a silo, and the overall potential of the organization is defrauded.

What if we decided that any business activity, let’s say marketing, was performed by all members of the organization instead of being relegated the specialists?


Steven A. Chaparro

storyteller + strategist | I help visionaries redesign the future

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