A Few Key Tips for Preparing the Best Mashed Potatoes

In addition to providing dermatological services through his own practice, Dr. Steven Armus owns Native Prairie Restoration. Through this business, Dr. Steven Armus works with local property owners and businesses to restore native flora. Outside of work, he enjoys cooking and is perhaps best known for his excellent mashed potatoes.

While mashed potatoes seem like a simple dish, they actually involve a lot of foresight. For example, individuals need to pick the right potatoes. Waxy potatoes like Red Bliss or fingerlings will result in a gummy texture. Russets and Yukon Golds are among the best options, as well as red potatoes for chunky, rustic mashes.

When cooking the potatoes, the water should be heavily salted so that the potatoes do not come out bland. After cooking, the potatoes should be dried by returning them to the hot pot after draining and letting them sit at low heat for five to 10 minutes.

Mashing should be done by hand. Mixers, blenders, and other tools work the starch in potatoes too much and create an unappealing texture. Potatoes that are adequately cooked should mash easily with hand tools. Individuals should manipulate the potatoes as little as possible. Butter and cream should be heated before they are added to the final product so that they are absorbed completely and do not cool down the potatoes too much.

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