Dream Interpretation: The Man Who Searches Homes

On his order, tens of guards filed into the recently abandoned home, then stood at attention, spread evenly through every room, hall, doorway and stairwell.

In quiet stillness I hung all white shirts in the windows.

Finally I found pickles on the living room table, relaxed and ate them. The officer was satisfied with the display.

I asked him who’s watching us from outside. And to demonstrate he whistled in beautifully high and imperceptible tones. Raising a gaze, he listened for a distant wolf howl in response.

Homes represent the whole person. That there were guards spread evenly in the house means I am thoroughly guarded, which corresponds in my life to this time of quickly creating drastic and hard personal boundaries after a time when I had few.

That I put white shirts in windows means that I yearn to appear pure of spirit, or clean, to anyone looking “into me”. The meaning is emphasized by the solemness of the hanging.

The good wolf outside represents good instincts protecting me.