Tips for Onboarding Remote Workers

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Since 1996, seasoned human resources professional Steven Darien has served as CEO and chairman of The Cabot Advisory Group, LLC. Steven Darien is also an active member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), an organizational thought leader in the industry. In response to the rise of distributed teams, SHRM has published articles discussing best practices with onboarding remote employees.

Over the past decade, the number of remote workers has increased by more than 90 percent. As a result, the HR industry has dedicated resources to identify protocols that support new remote workers’ entry into a new workplace. Creating onboarding templates complete with links, videos, and interactive projects is a successful strategy for quickly acclimating new hires online.

To build camaraderie and introduce new employees to the company culture, HR departments should also consider onboarding remote workers in groups and also including more informal meetings. Since communication is key to a functioning remote team, employers should also include clear checklists and objectives. Tangible goals help employees understand their employer’s expectations and keep track of their progress.

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Steven M. Darien possesses more than three decades of experience in employee relations, consulting, and organizational design.

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