Fernando and David’s Glorious Adventure

“David! What do you think you’re doing?” Fernando screams over the sound of blaring sirens. “Now’s not the time to be solving a rubix cube.”

David silently continues solving, completely focused on the rubix cube in hand.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me! Do you you want to die?”

Fernando trudges towards David, fists balled up and ready to throw down. He feels a hand push against his chest, holding him back from David.

Fernando looks up, in awe, at the mysterious figure holding him back. Could it be?…

“Nicolas cage?” Fernando gasps.

Towering above Fernando, the one and only National Treasure star himself opens his mouth, but only let’s out one small, overly dramatic, Nick Cage esk word…


Together, Fernando and Nick Cage watch on as David vigorously solves his cube. He sees them watching and flips the rubix cube behind his back, catching it, and continuing to solve it. It’s a showy, unnecessary move, but it’s also kind of cool, so Nick Cage and Fernando appreciate the showmanship. David gets cocky and goes for another behind the back toss, but this time, misses the catch. The rubix cube skids across the ground towards a dark abyss. David slides after his rubix cube. It flies off the edge of the earth and into the abyss, and David follows.

“NOOOO!” Fernando screams.

Nick Cage grabs Fernando by his shoulders. ”Pull yourself together kid!”

A single tear cascades down Fernando’s cheek. It’s a tear of sadness, but also of joy, as he knows David died doing what he loved.

There’s a sudden rumbling noise from the ground beneath Nick Cage and David’s feet.

Nick dramatically looks up and whispers, barely audibly,”No… Could it be?…”

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