Do you have any sources for this?
Kruti Munot

Hi Kruti, yes, tons of sources. For example, the Attorney General of NY, Eric Schneiderman, who requested that Airbnb turn over such data and Airbnb refused. So the AG went to court and forced Airbnb to turn over the data. At that point Airbnb realized it was on legal thin ice, and also losing in the court of public opinion, so Airbnb kicked off its platform in NY some of the worst “host” violators — including some who were “hosting” over 200 units! Nevertheless, a year later a recent analysis of Airbnb’s site in NYC found that, of the 30,268 listings in New York City, 44% of guest visits are to hosts with multiple properties. That analysis matches last year’s report by the attorney general which found that nearly 40% of Airbnb’s revenue in New York City — a whopping $168 million — came from hosts who had at least three listings on the site. Not too many “regular people” have control of three or more properties or listings. These are professional operatives, using the loophole of Airbnb to create tourist hotels.

BTW, all of this info is from my new book Raw Deal: How the “Uber Economy” and Runaway Capitalism Are Screwing American Workers. The book has a lot more detail than that excerpt that you read.

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