This cries out for a reference.
TPB, Esq.

TPB, I have seen these buildings myself, they are all over San Francisco. One particularly hard hit area is the charming North Beach/Little Italy neighborhood, as well as the Mission district. I wish I could take you on a tour of all the buildings I have seen where every tenant was evicted — usually thru shady means by landlords — to make way for Airbnb-ing the building (yes, Airbnb is now a verb, with nasty connotations). For example, one four-unit building used to house Italian families, two generations of them. But not all the tenants have been evicted and you can see four lockboxes hanging from the banister outside the front entryway for the apartments—the telltale sign that this building has been Airbnb-ed.

The constant carousel of new faces coming and going can check themselves in and out of each apartment, accessing the key via the lockbox for which they are given the combination, without ever meeting the landlord or manager. The transaction can be completed anonymously, facelessly, over the Airbnb website. Where before this building housed families who were part of the neighborhood, now it’s an Airbnb tourist hotel.

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