Asians Are More Than Their Race

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Asian Americans have more to offer than just their egg rolls, pho, and lumpias. The documentary of ‘Asian Stereotypes’ presented by Kee Pupat for TedTalkxYouth, in April 2016, mentions how stereotypes of Asians through the internet are falsely advertise and negatively affecting the community of Asians and how they’re treated. Not only did Pupat provide an incident from the Oscars, he also offered his own experience on being racially stereotyped while he was younger. The internet’s portrayal of Asians misleads the audience on the reality of actual Asian individuals. Watching this documentary has strengthened my opinions on how unfairly Asian Americans are treated due to the misconceptions of the media because Pupat mentions the various stereotypical images that Asian Americans are portrayed as through the media.

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Oscars Incident

Even though Pupat is still a young student, he pointed out some very cruical information which further built my belief of the misconception of Asians. As Pupat mentioned in his presentation, when a joke is made about an African American, it’s racist, but when it’s about an Asian American, it’s just a ‘‘casual joke’’ and not racist. During Pupat’s presentation, he brings up the topic of Chris Rock. Chris Rock brought up three Asian children, dressed in suits and holding suitcases, onto the stage of the Oscars to make a ‘‘joke’’. He actually perpetuated a stereotype by claiming that these three children are the ones who calculated the Oscar’s nomination. Rock later then mentioned that ‘‘if anyone was upset about that, just tweet about it on your phones. Also made by these kids.’’ As Pupat says multiple times, racism against Asians is considered fine but against blacks, it’s not. Due to all the misleading information of Asian Americans from hollywood films and the media, Chris Rock put three children up onto stage to be turned into a stereotypical joke and the audience of the Oscars laughed hysterically at the three children.

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Pupat points out that Asians are considered as a ‘’joke’’, which further strengthens my belief on this epidemic. It’s not fair for Asians and Asian Americans to be treated as a ‘‘joke’’ and action must be taken. After Rock presenting the audience with the young children, no consequences were given to Rock. By not handling racism and stereotypes during a large event like this with people of higher statues portrays Asian as creatures that we can make fun of. Eliminating stereotypes and racism that occur at large events like this can decrease the negative portray of Asians and Asian Americans.

Pupet’s examples and the evidence of stereotypical Asian propagandas, has strengthened my beliefs about the misconceptions of Asians and Asian Americans. Not only does the internet portray Asian Americans negatively, but the way Asians are treated in reality are much worst due to these false images. As Pupat has stated, ‘’Asians are mysterious creatures’’ and ‘’all Asians are essentially the same’’ due to younger kids misinterpreting negative stereotypes of Asians through the internet.

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Pupat’s personal experience against racism.

After Pupat shared his incident, it motivated me more of this topic due to all the misunderstandings that others have of Asians and Asian Americans. Pupat uses his own example of when he was younger at a summer camp, where he has been racially stereotyped due to other kids misinterpreting information on the internet. He mentions how other students asked him if he lived in Taiwan because he says he was Thai. Additionally, he mentions another incident of how other students asked him to insult other people in Mandarin because he’s Taiwanese. Pupat was baffled at these other kid’s ignorance and asked where they got these information from and the other kids replied ‘the internet’. The internet, feeds the minds of young individuals misconceptions of Asians because of all the negative portrayal of Asians.

Puppat mentions how memes on Tumblr influences the stereotypes of Asian Americans for him. [ Via GooglePlay]


Young Asian children being made into a joke at the Oscars and countless examples of internet frauds involving Asian’s identity, causes others to misidentify Asians to be all particularly the same and claims that it’s fine to make these judgements about them. If racism against Asians were to be taken more seriously, Asians wouldn’t be affected so negatively due to all of the misconceptions of their race. All of Pupat’s points and evidence throughout the documentary broadened my perspectives on how degraded Asians can be and how they’re treated poorly because of stereotypes that are completely false. Lastly, this documentary of a 13-year-old spreading awareness about racisms towards the Asian community inspires me to learn more and also spread awareness of it.

Here’s the video if any of you guys are interested in watching it for yourself.


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