What is The Good Life and who gets to have it?

If you look at the issues across the world today, political and otherwise, you’ll see they all can be distilled into two questions. What is The Good Life and who gets to have it? So let’s talk about it.

Watermelon, a great experience with someone you love

The Harry Potter series is a great place to begin our research on these questions. Plus, it is fun and I love the series. Each of the families have their version on The Good Life. For the Weasleys being rambunctious is great. For the Grangers it is being studious and scandalous. The Malfoy’s money and power is The Good Life and for Harry it was about belonging.

The Potter Series started me on the journey. There seemed to be much more to The Good Life. I began asking everyone I met the two questions. What I encountered was unexpected. There are so many ways to feel The Good Life. The numbers are as vast as the recipes in the Library of Congress. It also turns out that when someone shares a recipe to feel The Good Life, you can try it out. Sometimes it feels great. When that happens to me, I add it to my life tool belt. If I find myself in a situation that is similar a recipe I know, I think of the ingredients and add a little spice the event. All of a sudden my experience of life becomes richer.

I’d like to clarify one thing about having The Good Life. It isn’t what you think you should have. It is thinking back to a moment when you felt great. When you could say, “This is the life.”

Here’s a simple example. I turn off NPR in the morning. Then I load a Spotify playlist of a friend with great taste in music. My commute is suddenly transformed. Recently, as suggested by a friend, I Airbnb’d a home with grass that goes right up to the beach. It was a completely new experience for my 3 year old daughter and me. We did go on the beach and loved it. However, the difference was the occasional soft grass. We could lay down, look each other in the eyes and then roll around. We didn’t have to get sandy all the time to enjoy the beauty. It was the lap of God.

Another simple example: Cheap sweeper robot. Wow. Life is good when I don’t have to sweep. Writing in groups sent me on the trajectory that pushed me to finish my novel.

A grandma told me about pacing. She suggested choosing a day once a month just to cook. I added friends to the equation. Having a single day of cooking, kids and laughter is like a defibrillator for my soul. Happiness is fluid with The Good Life right here in front of me. So I want to share that with others.

I have many examples, let’s just do one more. A few of my artist pals suggested we have “Band practice.” Collaborating with other visual artists is major feat since the ideas grow into huge projects. We limited our band practice to 4 hours. If Picasso could make a masterpiece in 4 hours, then maybe we could. After a few sessions we were metaphorically on roller skates. No masterpieces were created, but the experience was deeply engaging and up lifting.

Through these wonderful experiences I am now obsessed with finding a community of people who want to discover and share what they learn about recipes for The Good Life. My goal is to build a compilation of recipes that people can read and try. I believe that anyone can have The Good Life, regardless of status, gender, wealth, health or age. It only takes reading a recipe that resonates with them.

The project is massive. There are so many categories. Would you like to help?

What is The Good Life for you?

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