How To Create Your Personal Success Plan (Encore) with Purdeep Sangha

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Did you know that as a human your brain isn’t wired to help you reach success and happiness, but instead just to keep you alive? Purdeep Sangha has dedicated his life to studying emotional intelligence, and helping entrepreneurs and men find success and fulfillment through designing their life based on the emotions they want to feel.

Key Takeaways:

  1. If you’re going to do something, you have to go all-in. Give it everything you have.
  2. You’ll be more apt and aware if the majority of your thoughts and decisions are based on unconscious thoughts and feelings.
  3. Success is based on two things — Decisions and Actions
  4. What happens in your personal life directly impacts the velocity of what’s going to happen in your business life
  5. Biggest challenges entrepreneurs are facing — INVESTING in Oneself and NOT Feeling Enough
  6. Get insight, get help, and get mentorship before you actually need it
  7. Why do you need to focus more on Emotional Intelligence than IQ

Resources Mentioned

The War of Art — Steven Pressfield (

About our Guest:

Purdeep Sangha is widely known as “The Strategist For Men In Business” and teaches men how to become a Profit-Multiplying Powerhouse. His personal mission is to help men grow their businesses massively, increase their personal fulfillment in life and improve their relationships with their wives and kids.

Purdeep is the founder behind the movement #MenWhoWin, as well as “Men Who Are Mindful Alpha Males”. Before all of this he was a successful executive at multi-billion dollar organization before he walked into work one day and quit, cold turkey.

The son of immigrants, he has dedicated his life to living out the example they gave him in making the world a better place for his family, but also for as many people as he can. He says his personal motto is “to make the world a better place”.




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Steven Pesavento

Steven Pesavento

🧬💰No-Bs Mindset Advice for Investors 🏘️ Real Estate Investor 200+ Deals 🎙️Podcast Investor Mindset Show — 🏬 Multifamily Apartments 📍Denver

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