Scared Together (Forever): A Terrified Tribute

The podcast Terrified is coming to an end, or going on an indefinite hiatus as hosts, comedians Dave Ross and Anna Seregina, have stated on the latest episode of the podcast about feelings. Started in 2013 Dave Ross interviewed comics and musicians about their fears and self-loathing. Anna Seregina joined up in 2014 taking it to new heights. More than hearing some of my comedy heroes talking frankly about the things that eat them up inside, Terrified is a podcast celebrating that we’re all in this together. As I mentioned in an interview with Dave and Anna last year for Yay! LA Magazine, Terrified is a podcast that felt (and still feels) like part of a progressive mental health movement in the geek and comedy community (such as Emily V Gordon’s excellent Super You and Jenny Jaffe’s Project UROK). We’re all tired of bottling up our emotions and not dealing with it. So we’re talking about it.

For me, Terrified has been an enormous source of comfort over the last couple years dealing with my own anxiety and depression, and of course trying to survive in the jungles of Los Angeles. Whether it’s the revelations that come from the guests opening up about their personal struggles or just Dave and Anna joking around singing along to bad 90s songs, listening to Terrified always provided me with the clarity I needed to carry me into new challenges and moving forward from bouts of rut and ruin.

I just wanted to briefly share my own answers to the two burning questions asked of every guest whom ventures on Terrified, “What are you afraid of, or what do you not like about yourself? I’m afraid of my life not adding up to anything of value at the end of the day, that I cannot reciprocate all the love and affection that’s been given to me and turn into something beautiful. Also, escalators and stairs. I feel like I’m going to die every time I go on them (I even get vertigo on escalators). The thing I don’t like about myself is the feeling that I lack the necessary self-awareness to truly be a better person. I don’t like that I get so wrapped up in my own world that I am unable to give to others or grow into a person who is able to handle both of these things at once. And yet, listening to the stories on Terrified I feel like I have gained a better ability to tackle these issues and (hopefully!) make progress (except escalators, that shit will always be scary).

But Terrified will always exist (the hundred or so episodes sit at home on The Nerdist podcast network), so it’s not too late to go back through their catalog and discover for yourself the adventures of Dave, Anna, and their guests. If I can recommend some episodes I would suggest writer and producer Emily V Gordon’s episode (it’s as warm and enlightening as you imagine), comedian Baron Vaughn (hilarious and heartbreaking), and comedian Wendi Starling (eye-opening and essential). Also the 90s hits episode (dope af). Thank you Dave and Anna for all the wonderful conversations. Terrified forever.