Assessment 3

Process of project

Firstly, i wanna to choose different angle put into my design.
one floor or two floor which should to make a decision.

Final work

This assessment i choose the TOYO ITO’s work. His work is creating conceptual architecture, in which he seeks to simultaneously express the physical and virtual worlds. in his work , the features of the design which is almost surface of building are made by glass, that will express more apace and reflection. Additionally, the column of the building through the each floor, i think this is main feature of his design. And also good at to use different shapes to create design. In my work. firstly, i choose the wood to create project. In the process of design, im very confused about the type of the column, which is very important. first step of column , i create a brief model about the column. finally, put them together to be a final work.

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