VMware 1V0–601 Exam — Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals

1V0–601 Exam Particulars

1V0–601 exam consists of total 50 questions in the format of single and multiple choice format and the candidates are required to complete the exam in 75 minutes. The exam is available in the English, Japanese, Chinese and the passing score of the exam is 300. The price of this exam is 120 USD and VCA6-DCV is the associated certification of this exam.

VCA6-DCV 1V0–601 Exam Description

The exam 1V0–601 aims to test the candidate’s knowledge and skills required for identification of technical requirements for management of a VMware vSphere 6 environments and aligning them with the technical solutions and products that meet those requirements.

VMware Certified Associate 6 1V0–601 Exam Topics

The topics of 1V0–601 exam are described below

Section 1 — Data Center Virtualization Concepts and Data Center Challenges
The first section of this exam focuses on the identification and explanation of Data Center Virtualization concept so the candidates are advised to get sufficient knowledge about it. The knowledge about identification of the challenges that can be resolved with the help of VMWare vSphere with operation management is measured and verified by the exam.

Section 2- Identify, Explain and Differentiate VMware vSphere Technologies
The candidates are advised to get knowledge about VMWare Sphere technologies thoroughly by mainly focusing on the process used for supporting the VMware vSphere support Data Center Virtualization with the help of components. The questions focus on the concepts and capabilities of a virtual machine, identification of the purpose of ESXi and vCenter Server, explaining the concepts of clusters and resource pools, differentiating the VMWare migration technologies and VMware availability technologies.

The second objective covered in this section is differentiating the VMware vSphere Storage Technologies and it focuses on testing the knowledge about virtual and physical storage, VMFS and NFS Datastores, explanatation of thin provisioning and Virtual SAN capabilities.

The third objective of this section is differentiating the VMware vSphere Networking Technologies and the questions focus on differentiating the virtual and physical networking, differentiating the virtual switch technologies, identifying the components of VMware virtual switch and identifying the common virtual switch policies.

The fourth objective of section two is differentiating the VMware vSphere Resource Management Technologies and the candidates are required to differentiate the features of vSphere resource management, remediate the challenges of resource management, differentiating the vSphere resource management features.

The fifth objective of the section two is differentiating the VMware vSphere Availability Technologies and the candidates are required to be familiar with the vSphere high availability features, configuration and management of vSphere high availability solutions. The knowledge about the disaster tolerance technologies and VMware disaster recovery is measured and verified by the exam.

The sixth objective of this section is differentiating the VMware Data Center Virtualization Products and the candidates are required to get knowledge about the features of VMware NSX, vRealize Automation and vRealize Air.

Section 3- Correlate VMware Data Center Virtualization Solutions with Specific Business Challenges
The knowledge of a candidate about correlation of VMware Data center Virtualization with the challenges specific to the business. The candidates are required to be familiar with the application of VMware Data Center Virtualization solutions to the challenges of common business challenges.

How to prepare DCV 1V0–601 Exam

  1. Prepare for the exam to achieve above mentioned objectives
  2. Equip yourself with the hands on experience
  3. Prepare with the help of practice test

Preparation with 1V0–601 Practice Exam Ensures Success

The 1V0–601 exam preparation with the practice exam ensures success in first attempt. The practice exam makes you familiar with the types of questions anticipated to appear in the exam; moreover you get familiar with the real exam scenario by preparing through practice test because the real exam scenario is simulated in the practice exam. There are multiple modes of learning given in the practice exam so that one can customize its learning.

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