Where’s Jared — Addendum

I just found out where Colorado Rep. Jared Polis (CD2) had to be on Sunday when he cancelled out of his long-standing commitment to do a joint Public Forum with me. (The Forum & Rally are still ON. See image) He’ll be campaigning with Sen. Bennet for the Nov. election in Gilpin County instead.

Nothing wrong with that — EXCEPT he already has a race in this week’s Primary to try to win and a Progressive base who have questions they’d like answered.

Nothing wrong with getting a picture taken with the Dalai Lama in Boulder — EXCEPT he could have, and should have, been in Washington’s historic Sit-In where the strong Democratic Party leaders were making an historic protest for gun-control legislation.

Nothing at all wrong with collecting 250,000 signatures to restrict fracking in Colorado — UNLESS you trade them to Gov. Hickenfracker for a handful of magic beans and they get thrown in the trash can.

Nothing wrong with helping constituents start new businesses and find new markets — UNLESS you choose to do so by supporting the TPP — yet another labor-busting, climate-cooking deeply flawed treaty drawn up in secret by corporations for corporations.

Nothing wrong with voicing mild support for putting a price on carbon and for removing the fossil fuel industry’s tax-payer funded subsidies — UNLESS you think that’s about all you have to do.

Nothing wrong with being the 2nd richest elected official in either house of Congress — UNLESS that great wealth neither allows you to spend your precious time raising campaign funds from those eager to give them (in exchange for favors, obviously), nor inspires you to use the influence provided by wealth to fight the disease of our government being taken over by wealth.

Nothing wrong with being a “Super” Delegate — UNLESS you use that extraordinarily undemocratic advantage to skew the primary process AND, when pressured to support the will of the people, your idea of a “compromise” is this: “If Hillary has the majority of pledged delegates at the national convention, I’ll cast my vote for Hillary, and if Bernie should have the majority of pledged delegates at the national convention (as he did in Colorado, we should mention, by nearly a 2 to 1 margin)… then I’ll just stay home.” And that’s a quote. Need I go on?

Write In Steven Todd for Congress in CD2 on June 28th.


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