Wonderfulshare PDF Merge Pro & PDF Split Pro Now Available For Download

Perfect PDF Editor application for Windows developed by Wonderfulshare are now available. Now you can visit the website and download the products to edit and manage your PDF files as easy as you can image.

We proudly introduced that PDF Merge Pro application and PDF Split application are now available for users to download and try out. Wonderfulshare PDF Merge Pro is quite powerful PDF application helps you to merge multiple PDF files into one master PDF doc. Wonderfulshare PDF Split pro will split your PDF documents into smaller parts easily. Both of them are all clean, fast, stable and free. It’s fully matched with all Windows Platforms.


* Drag and drop your multiple PDF files. You can drag and drop your multiple PDF files to add for convenient. Beside, you can also click the ADD Button to add files.

* Preview the PDF files you dropped. You can preview the PDF files to check the contents.

* Unlock the PDF files encrypted. If the PDF files are encrypted, you can decrypt them first before merging using AES/RC4 algorithms.

* Set export file names and destination folders.

* Set password for the merged PDF files. You can set security properties and user permissions.

* Merge all pages of PDF files. All pages of PDF files could be merged into one PDF file.

* Merge specified pages of PDF files. Specified page numbers or page ranges of several PDF files could be merged into one PDF.

* Merge PDF files in no time. The merging process is fast.


* Split by specified page ranges. You can split your PDF documents by page ranges.

* Split by specified page numbers. You can extract specified pages from one PDF into a new one.

* Split by page ranges and page numbers at the same time.

* Split by every x pages. Using Wonderfulshare PDF Split Pro, if you want to split a PDF file with 10 pages by every 4 pages, you can get two PDF files with 4 pages and one PDF file with 2 page left, according to the page order.

* Split up multipage files in no time. The splitting process is fast.

* Set export file names and destination folders.


* Languages: English

* Supported operating systems: For all Windows Platforms

* Supported processors: x86 (32 bit), x64 (64 bit), ARM


* Free and available through the product website.

Wonderfulshare PDF Merge Pro and Wonderfulshare PDF Split Pro application are quite important for those users, especially office staffs or academic researchers when they have the demands of merging or splitting PDF files. These two applications provide an clean and easy way to merge and split.

Individuals who are suffering from merging and splitting PDF files, can download these application on their website, and get more information and update the latest version.

The last but not the least, Wonderfulshare provides update service of all products for lifetime.

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