Steven Mezynieski: How to Start a Successful Snow Removal Business

Steven Mezynieski is a native New Yorker who is an experienced site excavation contractor and owner of Southampton Excavation & Site Development. During the warm summer months, Steven Mezynieski spends his time working with architects and construction firms to complete large and small-scale residential and commercial projects. During the cold and snowy winter months in Southampton, Steven Mezynieski provides large scale snow removal. Being a successful snow removal company takes more than simply pushing the white stuff out of the way.

Here are some tips to help you create your own successful snow remove business:

1. Start building a plan regarding the services you are going to offer and figuring out what kind of equipment you will need to purchase.

2. Figure out what licenses you will need to obtain and the type of insurance you will need to have in case of damage to property.

3. Establish your pricing. Look at other companies in the area to determine what you should charge for the services that you are going to offer.

4. Create your contracts that outline the services you offer and the rates you charge per unit of snow. Be sure to include an area that specifies the size of the area to be cleared, including blank space at the bottom for note-taking.

5. Purchase your supplies and equipment. If the equipment is too expensive when first starting, consider leasing one until you earn enough money to purchase it.

Snow removal is a unique business opportunity. Contractors, like Steven Mezynieski, with a reputation for being reliable, can create a lucrative business that can keep them busy through the cold winter months.

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